Civil war

Civil War XXIV 29 – 31 August 2014

Due to circumstances outside our control we have had to change the site with short notice. It is not the site announced in the Dragons Tale.

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Heavy combat, fencing and archery will be held in and around the village. More information about the war will come later.

Art & Science

Those who would like to hold a workshop can register that with the reistration or contact the autocrat. We will put up the schedule a few days before the event.

Site & Accomodation

BerghemThe new site is Berghem larp/medieval village outside Skillingaryd. The village consists of several small simle houses. There is no electricity, running water or heating, but there is plenty of medieval atmosphere. The village also has a sauna, a cosy tavern and a good dance floor.

* You can choose to stay in one of the houses,
* Bring a tent
* Stay somewhere else (for example at a hotel in Skillingaryd).

There is room for 100 persons to sleep on matresses in the houses. The houses in Berghem are simple but cosy. They give you roof over your head, but not a whole lot more. There are matresses to sleep on, and possibly a small table and benches. The houses are not isolated and you can see through some of the walls. There is no electricity, water or possibility to make a fire in any of the houses.

You have to bring a sleepingbag or duvet, pillow and sheets. A sleeping mat to put on the matesses gives a better comfort and an extra blanket can be nice to have.

Do not bring an air matess that requires an electrical pump! There is no electricity in the village!

There is also good places for those who wish to bring their pavillion.

A larger map

Fee and payment

Site fee is 120 SEK, evening meal on friday 40 SEK, brunch 60 SEK, saturday dinner 100 SEK and breakfast 30 SEK. The food will be served in the tavern.

There is no problem cooking your own food on a fireplace in the village.

Children 0-2 year no fee (including food),

Children 3-12 years half fee (including food)


Last day for registration is August 21st.  Registration is made here:


Autocrat: Walderik Gröne

Food: Sofia Drake

Registration and accomodation: Nicole d’Anjou 

Inbördeskriget is arranged in cooperation with  Studiefrämjandet.