Midsummer in the village

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Juneborg and Berghems Vänner invites everybody  to come and celebrate Midsummer with us in the village Berghem. Our aim is to create a meeting for everybody who is interessted in the Vikings and middle ages where we can learn something and have fun together. During the day there will be games and workshops and in the evening we will have a feast!


The event is arranged in cooperation with Studiefrämjandet.


Midsummers eve, i.e. the 20 juni


The village Berghem outside Skillingaryd in Sweden.
It is a village built for LARP. It consists of about twenty houses, some small and some quite large.

Cost & Reservation

More info will come later


Karin Rappe (karin@tellen.se)  +46 709 310 543.